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7 Best YouTube Channels For Home Exercises

Going to the gym is obviously a great way to stay healthy and in shape. However, it is not always possible due to erratic schedules, busy lifestyles, economics, traveling on the road, or even downright laziness, which is why home exercises are necessary. Fortunately, YouTube channels for home Exercises make it easy for you to start your own exercise regimen at home.

Here Are the Top 7 YouTube Channels for Home Exercises

1. Passion4Profession

Passion4Profession is an excellent YouTube workout channel featuring well-produced videos. The channel promotes the idea of working out how you want, where you want, and when you want, which is probably the best description of home exercises. It features nice animated depictions of exercise postures and movements. The workouts featured on the channel involve using your bodyweight. The playlist is highly convenient since it addresses specific parts of the body.

2. POSUGAR Fitness

POPSUGAR Fitness is part of the incredibly popular media and entertainment company of the same name. The channel focuses on buzzworthy currently trending workouts. However, the fact that it focuses on current trends is no justification for dismissing the channel as trivial because it provides breakdowns of workouts commonly performed incorrectly such as basic stretching or stretches. The variety of workouts available ensures that you can never lack a full workout plan for home.

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3. Blogilates

Blogilates has an interesting take on training, which has turned the channel into one of the biggest female-focused empires. The workouts featured on the channel combine Pilates movements and pop music to create more danceable routines. A wide variety of videos are available ranging from 1-song challenges to 20-minute workouts. The workouts features are mostly equipment free except for the optional yoga mat.

4. BeFit

BeFit is a company that offers most of its content through DVDs, subscription services, and paid downloads, but it is still an excellent resource for free home exercises through its YouTube channel. The channel features a variety of videos ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. The channel is ideal for those looking to increase their heart rate within a shorter length of time, but it still has several longer videos for those with time to spare.

5. My Trainer Bob

My Trainer Bob is a YouTube channel hosted by Bob Harper, a renowned personal trainer of the “The Biggest Loser”. Bob believes that a major part of weight loss is the diet and it is where his focus lies. Bob also focuses on the spiritual and mental aspects of fitness, which is a good thing. The channel might not feature complete workouts, but it is an excellent resource if you are looking for some challenges and variety.

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6. The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall is a YouTube fitness channel launched in 2014 and is hosted by Caleb Marshall. The channel provides a steady stream of heart-pumping, entertaining, and user-friendly dance videos that are great for a quick cardio session. The videos featured have dancers of all levels as well as comical interjections by Caleb to make for an amazing experience. The videos featured on the channel might be short, but you can compile several into your own playlist if you want a longer workout.

7. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is the ultimate resource when it comes to home fitness videos and the over 4 million subscribers are testament to this. The channel has over 500 full-length practices and can be used as a great resource for creating a complete fitness routine. The channel advertises “no gimmicks”, which is great since you always know what to expect from the titles that detail whether equipment is needed to the on-screen timer that keeps track of seconds until a routine is complete. The videos featured are free, but the trainers offer scheduled programs at a price.

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The Bottom Line

YouTube has numerous workout channels with thousands of videos on health and fitness. While there are some good videos and channels there are many other bad ones. When it comes to health and exercise, the wrong instructions can be detrimental. You should only follow the right advice.

The 7 YouTube channels featured here are the best when it comes to home fitness since they provide the best advice. However, the statutory warning remains, if you are not a physically active person or have a medical condition, consult a doctor before exercising.

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