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4 Ways To Do Better Work In Your Life

Better Work in your Life We all want that, there is no shortcut to talent and creativity. While you can always get better, and learn more, you need to have the raw ability to become a success in advertising.

However, there are tried and trusted methods you can use to do better work. Some of these that many creatives rely on include:

  • Being involved with writing the creative brief
  • Allowing plenty of time for the brief to sink in
  • Expanding your mind with plays, books and other entertainments
  • Working in teams to bounce ideas off each other
  • Giving your ideas the overnight test

· Learning everything you can about the product or service you’re advertising

1. You Can Always Do Better Work

The list goes on. But over the years, one thing has proven more of a driving force behind great creativity than anything else. And that one thing is the deadline.

A Deadline Helps Creativity? What, What?!

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It seems counter-intuitive to anything the creatives in an ad agency will tell you. After all, ask any art director or copywriter what they need more of, and after money and better creative briefs, they’ll say TIME.

If you give creatives one week to do the work, they’ll ask for two. Give them two, they’ll ask for three. As a copywriter and creative director with 16 years of experience, I have always asked for more time if I can get it.

2. Make Creative Friendship

But here’s the thing. The closer creative people get to that looming deadline, the more pumped and energized they will get. A certain amount of fear will set in, which is healthy if it doesn’t get out of hand. And when the day finally comes, the best and most exciting work will have been produced the night before, or sometimes a few hours before the presentation.

If you have trouble swallowing this, or are a creative screaming at the screen right now, just think about this. If you were given four months to create concepts for an ad campaign, would it really be any better than if you were given two weeks?

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Perhaps more research would be done. But generally, those long deadlines are not used in the way they’re intended to be used.

3. Never Get Lazy

Most of the time, the first half of the deadline will be eaten up with other projects in the agency, while the subconscious works with the creative brief and sets the wheels in motion.

Midway through the deadline, ideas are put down on paper. But not with the kind of rampant enthusiasm that they are near the end of the deadline.

It’s when the clock is ticking that the productivity on the job soars. It’s the same for at least 90% of people working in creative departments around the world.

Some of the best copywriters in the world agree, urgency produces results.

Take a look in the D&AD Copy Book (a must-own book for anyone in advertising) and you’ll read some great advice from the best in the business.

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Tim Delaney, when asked how he writes copy, said “at least a day after the Project Manager says it’s needed.”

4. Put in Some Effort

Adrian Holmes said “Call me irresponsible, but I always wait until the traffic man appears at the door, purple-faced and screaming for my copy. Then I write it. I find there is a direct correlation between rising panic and burgeoning inspiration.”

So, whether you’re an art director or copywriter, do yourself a favor and turn a negative into a positive. A deadline is not something to hinder creativity, or put limits on you. Think of it more as the impetus your brain needs to kick into high gear and crank out some amazing work.

Without that deadline, you’ll be coasting, not soaring.

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