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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Need to Have a Healthy Morning Routine


1.Your Ideal Personal Time

Morning times are ideal personal times. Earlier I used to begin with my chores right after I stepped out of my bed. In fact, there have been days when I used to plan the works that I had in the morning and made a mental note of how I would go about executing those things, before going to bed the previous night. It made my execution easier. But what I missed out was, this was I was actually getting myself up and running like a machine turned on, the moment I was awake. It was like before my mind could refresh and get a hold of what was on for the day, I was already pushing it for executing a host of activities. It was like what they say, “Good Morning, let the stress begin.” But these days, I have been getting up a little earlier than when I need to be starting my chores, and I preferred to start my days as peaceful as possible. My mornings are my ‘me-times’. It is a time I spend doing something for myself instead of my family or my work. After some good time for myself, I start working on my day’s chores. As a result, my days start in a pretty relaxed manner.

2.Helps Make Your Days Productive

Establishing a healthy morning routine helps in making the rest of the day more productive. Until a little more than a year ago, I used to rise just in time for my day’s chores and rush through the day’s works. Being an extremely time-conscious person, this made me really stressed if anything untoward were to happen in getting the morning works done, like getting food ready for my family, sending the kids to school on time, etc. However, once I switched on to a healthier morning routine of rising about an hour earlier and taking some time for myself, I was able to accomplish more things through the entire day than I did otherwise. More than the quantity of the work accomplished, it’s the quality of the output that has stunned. Having been a perfectionist ever since I known I loved the productivity levels that I could exhibit within the same 24-hours, than I did earlier.

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3.Helps Stay Focused and Organised

A healthier morning routine helps you stay focused and organized for a good part of the day. Morning times are times when we are at the peak of our momentum. Maintaining a healthier morning routine helps in channelising this momentum constructively and effectively. It gives me adequate time to plan and execute my day’s work effectively. Being someone who prefers being systematic and organized in my work, this has immensely helped me in executing tasks mindfully while enjoying every bit of it rather than rushing through them as if on a race. So, if you are someone who loves to be systematic and organized, you would love establishing a healthier morning routing, just as much as I do.

4. Enhances your decision-making abilities.

Having a healthy morning routine helps in enhancing our decision-making abilities. Our mind has limited reserves for making decisions. Establishing a healthier morning routine helps in freeing the mind of using those limited reserves for trivial tasks like what needs to be done next in the morning. If you are doing different things each morning then that isn’t really a routine obviously, because routine requires consistence and repetition. Also, a good part of your decision-making reserves is consumed for deciding what needs to be done next in the morning. Consequently, your decision-making abilities are rendered less effective when some complex situation arises in the later part of the day. I wouldn’t fancy having poor decision-making sense just because I prefer to laze around in my mornings. Do you?

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5. Minimise Stress

A healthy morning routine helps inkeeping stress at bay. Personally, I have been through quite a lot of stressful days myself especially when I wasn’t having a healthy morning routine. A healthy morning routine helps us in starting our days sans rush. It’s like you are giving your mind ample time to warm up to keep it running for the rest of the day. At least, that’s how I see it. This has helped me in minimising stress. So, if you are looking to keep a check on your stress levels, switch to a healthier morning routine.

6. Shift to Healthier Diet Choices

Creating a healthy morning routine helps you in shifting towards a healthier diet. Well, it doesn’t directly influence your choice of diet but that little bit of extra-time that it adds to your day definitely allows room to shift to healthier food choices rather than grabbing some quick foods and munching them on the go. A lot of early morning risers have agreed how they have beguneating better since they began having a healthy morning routine.

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“A good beginning has a good ending,” they say. Starting our days on a positive and healthy note will definitely help us in finishing them off on the same lines. That’s why I see my morning routines as my way to self-care. Have you felt any other benefits due to your morning routine? Do share it with me in the comments section. I would love to know.

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