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7 Efficient Tips To Work With Full Energy During Work Days

At some point, everyone is stuck in it. The spiral of the same work processes, the repetitive conversations, and the predictable problems make the fun at work tend towards zero at some point. Then the energy is simply out.

The fact that everyday working life should bring more than just earning money – namely that originally also stood for fulfillment, joy and further development – is lost in the middle of working life for many women. Nevertheless, life cannot be turned inside out overnight. How you can break the downward spiral of daily monotony and weakness is summarized in the following seven practical tips for more energy.

Tip 1: Track Down Problems And Clear Them Up

Those who feel without energy are often simply overworked. If the mailbox is getting fuller, the files are getting higher and the wishes of the superiors are becoming more and more horrible, a new approach to everyday work has to be found at some point. You should therefore constructively divide the subject areas. Here, the so-called salami tactic has proven itself.

Processes, topics, and activities are divided into many, as small as possible, steps. Then the processes are planned chronologically. What has to be done by the end of the month, what by the end of the week, what topic the day after tomorrow and what has been done by this evening? After this logical disposition, the processes are then processed. This requires discipline and honesty. Conversely, salami tactics also ensure order and stringent work. In this way, the cycle of uncoordinated, hectic and headless actions can be broken. You regain control of your workflow.

Tip 2: Keep Things Moving In The Office

Anyone who has previously been annoyed that the printer is in the neighbor’s study should be happy about it in the future. Because every step, whether to the copier, to the coffee machine, to another department or even to another floor, provides a little freshness kick. If you want more energy, you shouldn’t put the body to sleep at the desk. The longer you stay in an inactive position, the more the two cooperating nervous systems, sympathetic and parasympathetic, regulate themselves further down.

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So really take every opportunity to be active. Calls can be made standing up. Long sessions in front of the monitor should be interrupted by a short walk through the office after 45 minutes at the latest. Instead of detailed e-mails, you can simply visit the colleague on the floor above. Maybe a walking group can be mobilized among like-minded people in order to be able to actively organize their lunch break. People who offer their colleagues to adjust the parking meter on the car and do not take the lift are also popular. The main thing is that the body always stays a little busy.

Tip 3: Ensure Positive Vibrations To Yourself

It’s no secret that you can reach your goal faster together. With allied colleagues, the world of work looks very different. Investigate the professional environment for candidates who are themselves, positive initiators. These can of course also be located in another department or come from the external service area. It is important to show solidarity with these women and to specifically imply positive conversation topics.

Perhaps an “expert talk” can be organized monthly in the company, or you can meet informally in an extended coffee break to discuss constructively female job topics. The aim is to correspond as often as possible with those colleagues who leave a good atmosphere for discussion, from which one emerges stronger. On the other hand, you should dose well those table neighbors who make everything mad and are looking for hair in the soup. Build up a network of strong colleagues from a wide variety of hierarchies and communicate with them in a targeted manner that builds you emotionally and brings joy in the long term.

Tip 4: Get To The Bottom Of Sleep Problems And Calming Down Again

Many women who feel burnt out and lacking in energy also suffer from sleep disorders. It does not seem to make any difference whether the short nights are triggered by a lack of work or an overload. At night, the thoughts revolve around the topics of the work, one ponders back and forth and still finds no solution. The next day the tiredness comes to an unsatisfactory situation. Here every woman has to listen to herself vigorously. What exactly triggers sleep disorders, how small do you get the problem area resolved.

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And then only use courageous grasp: the overdue discussion with the supervisor, the desire for re-positioning within the company or the possibility of external training should be reflected. Whatever deprives you of sleep at night is so important that it has to be tackled immediately. In the worst case, the entire professional orientation has to be reinterpreted. For example, sleep disorders can initially be viewed as a major problem, but they do help to make finally overdue decisions.

Tip 5: Loud Laughter Has A Strengthening Effect

It sounds simple, but it is true: laughter gives us pure dynamism! Unfortunately, the same day-to-day office life usually leaves very little reason to laugh. Here everyone has to take action themselves. Laughing lowers the stress level, strengthens the immune system and promotes a sense of community. However, anyone who was not a broken clown before does not suddenly mutate into a popular joke narrator. It is therefore important to make yourself smile at least once in a while.

Here it can help to install a joke app and have a joke sent to your mobile phone several times a day. If you want to go deeper, you can also attend certain laughter yoga seminars (you can find more on this here: Laughter Yoga for Happiness and Health). In them, the participants are trained to laugh freely without reason. If you have a funny colleague in your environment, it can be extremely vitalizing to exchange a few words with him or her every day. Those who laugh a lot appear more attractive to others, feel more powerful and more emancipated.

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Tip 6: Positive Meditation Exercises For More Clarity And Strength

If you want to activate your energy from the inside, you can try meditation. The professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Barbara L. Fredrickson, has shown in several studies that “meditation influences the neuronal pathways in such a way that they become more resilient and more active”. It propagates the positive handling of the mind and encourages daily meditation in the workroom. With her scientific studies, she was able to prove that study participants who meditates regularly act much more relaxed, happier and more resilient in their jobs than the non-meditating comparison group.

Specifically, it shows that it does not take more than 15 minutes a day to achieve positive changes. If you are curious, you can regularly use the lunch break for gait meditation. To do this, choose a certain positive mantra (power word) and repeat it continuously during a walk. In this way, stressed nerve pathways calm down and the mind can feel more rested over the long term.

Tip 7: The Power Of Cold, Globules And Hot Drinks

If physical and mental performance is to be optimized naturally, even small applications can help. Of course, changing pools are not possible in the office and sometimes the lunch break is just too short to go outside. Then cold compresses help, which was previously brought to a low temperature in the refrigerator and is now inconspicuously worn in the arm cuff. Due to the sudden cold stimulus, the subconscious reacts and releases more dynamics. A few drops of mint oil, which are tapped on the temples and on the neck, can also have a driving effect. Calcium fluorite promises homeopathic help. Such globules are particularly valued by menopausal women because they aim to improve the regenerative power of the body and mind.

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