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A Better You in this Break- Here’s How?

In our busy day to day schedules, we tend to miss out on the tiny joys that life can bring to us; we sometimes drift away from things that matter the most. A short and well-planned break at such times can help us in rewinding and rejuvenating. We now have an unplanned and unwelcome break here brought in by COVID-19 that has turned the world upside down, ravaging through several lives and families that have crossed its path. Yes, we can still make the most out of it. In life, tomorrow has always been just a hope, not promised. In fact, life could take drastic turns at the least expected times. COVID-19 has only brought that uncertainty straight on to our face. At these testing times, it is essential not to stay hopeful and not succumb to the undue negativity, fear and anxiety surrounding us. Here are some quick tips on how you can make this break productive for yourself.

  • Have your ‘me-time’. Today and every day.

I have always been an advocate of a mandatory ‘me-time’ every day. Now is the time it is needed the most. No matter how busy you are, give yourself a break of 15-30 minutes, where you are going to be doing something that you love from the bottom of your heart. Something that would get you into the zone with absolutely no idea of how time is fleeting. That’s a super-short rejuvenation camp you can be attending every single day a must for your evolution.

  • Have some quality family time

Just as much as you need to be spending quality time for yourself you should also be spending some quality time with them. Sit as a family and do things that all of you love doing together, you can break the ice and strengthen the bonding between you. Dine-in together, or get on your home theatres, share your chores or play some indoor games, but remember to do it together so that you can live together and grow together.

  • Get Nostalgic

Close your eyes for a moment or two and travel back your memory lane to some of the happiest moments in your life, like the day you were proposed to, your wedding day, the day you became a parent, your graduation day or something even as simple as a hearty get-together with your friends. Did you notice you are smiling and reliving those moments without even you realising it? That’s because your brain is secreting happy hormones spreading the joy of that moment to every single cell in your body. That’s what happy memories can do to you. Pull up all your photo albums and flip through it. You will be amazed at your journey from those innocent childhood days to whatever you have become today. You will have lots of stories to reflect on; Lots of things to be surprised about. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your photo albums. Travel down your memory lane and laugh over your memories with your family. Let your happy hormones begin to flow!

  • Stay Connected

Remember the popular reality show Big Boss, where celebrities from various walks of life are locked down in a house, away from the rest of the world for a hundred days. No newspapers, no mobiles, no friends, no family. We could see even those personalities who remained calm at the beginning of the show get tensed up at slightest of triggers as the show progressed, to the extent that one supposes they were pretending to be nice earlier. That’s what social distancing can do to some people. Luckily, we are not put up in the Big Boss House. Our housemates are people well known to us. Still, social distancing can take a huge toll on us, especially, if you are a people-smart person like me. So, make the most of this break. Connect with your friends- school friends, college friends, ex-colleagues, new friends, old friends and everyone, no matter where they are. With the majority of the world under lockdown, odds are that they could be equally glad to catch up. We have some of the sophisticated technologies at our disposal. So, what’s stopping you? Come on, gear up for a digital reunion.

  • Time for CPD

Countries across the world have been stressing on the vitality of Continuous Professional Development. However, amidst the hectic daily schedules, sometimes, one could easily lose track of career plans. Perhaps, this break can be a welcome one. Reflect on your career plans. Work on your professional development. Take up online courses. Make the best of the available time.

  • Try your hands on something new

Yes, nobody enjoys doing the same things repeatedly. This, break how about trying our hands on something new, something you haven’t done ever before. Maybe, you can try your hands out on Zentangle Art or take up an online singing course. This way, you would be building up new connections in your brain and possibly these could also be some of your best stress busters. And wait, you could possibly bring out the Picasso or Elvis Presley in you. All the best!

  • Get one with nature

One of the best things that have happened in this break is the improved Air Quality Index across the world. People in Jalandhar, India have stated that they have got to see the Himalayan ranges from there place almost after thirty years, which in itself should have been news to the new generation. People from cities busting with vehicles have stated how their mornings have, for once, been filled with birds chirping and gentle breeze. In our busy schedules, all of us have been taking nature for a ride. I am sure mother earth is glad about this welcome break- no racing cars, no honking, no pollution. It’s just as peaceful as it can get. For sure once our lives return to normal sometime soon, this nature’s beauty would deteriorate equally fast too. So, why not make hay while the sun shines. Live with nature, love nature and become one with it. Remember, tomorrow all this beauty could become just memories.

  • Forgive and forget. Seek forgiveness and patch up

I remember reading in the book, “Tuesdays with Morrie,” a book by Mitch Albom, on some of life’s major lessons as told by his old professor, Morrie. The professor Morrie comes across as one of the most positive persons, making jokes and laughing away about his illness despite being on his death bed. However, he seemed to have one major regret- a lost friend. Morrie mentions about a lost friendship that could never be revived all because of his ego and how he regretted it once his friend passed away. He regrets having lost all the chances to set right the beautiful relationship and he passed away with this regret haunting him. Fortunately for us, we have our vulnerability blatantly exposed well before reaching our death beds. Remember, no grudge is worth holding. Forgive. Forget and move on. If you have a broken relationship, then now is the time to set it right search through your contacts, ping your mutual friends, trace them on social media, or whatever. And if you are seeking forgiveness from someone, do that right away too. Stop not, until you have spoken to them. See, how much life has changed for either of you over the years. Life is too beautiful. Appreciate it.

  • Keep a journal

Reflect on your daily events and write them down every day. Your work, thoughts, opinions, desires, accomplishments, goals, love, care, write them all down. Journals are awesome stress-busters because they put you in the present times, focused and engaged. They are also one of the best ways to set, plan and achieve your goals. They open up channels towards coordinated organising of thoughts and creativity. Also, down the lane, you would have an awesome record of beautiful memories for you to reflect upon and smile upon. Grab your pen and notebook, now. Let your creative juices flow!

  • Reach out

While a section of us has been among those fortunate enough to stock enough and sail through these testing times safely, there is another good majority of them struggling to meet their ends and starving every single day. Do reach out to them with any form of help that you can do. Share some positive vibes and spread hope among those infected with the virus and spending their time in isolation, because, their battle is tougher. With your help, they can bounce back strongly too. It’s the ideal time to bring out the humanity in you.

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People who succeed are those who make the most of every possible opportunity. This break is, for sure, the right opportunity for investing in your wellbeing and development. Yes, these are testing times, but with your willpower and smart work, you can make the most of this break. If you are one of those less fortunate who have been infected with this virus, stay positive, stay strong and bounce back stronger. For the rest of us, it is time to invest in yourself. Do it, right away.

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