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Best Time Management & Productivity Apps For Android & iOS

A wide variety of efficiency apps can help with this step and make it easier for you to better manage everyday university life and free time. Wouldn’t it be nice to sink into the Netflix marathon without a guilty conscience ?!

we brought you 10 of the best Time Management & Productivity Apps for android and iOS, With an app for all situations, now you can make out the best of your day

App No1. Zenkit

Zenkit is a tool that combines several functions under one roof. Whether calendar, to-do list, Kanban board, team functions or mind maps: everything can be coordinated and synchronized. Your data is stored in the cloud and collected ideas, tasks and notes end up in “collections”. The display can be flexibly varied depending on preferences and there is even an offline mode.

available for iOS and Android, free of charge

App No2. Trello

With Trello you create clear boards and cards with which you can manage projects and organize everything around them. The app is particularly suitable for group work because your fellow students can work on the boards in real-time and make comments. You can distribute tasks via checklists and easily upload your files. Organizational stress in the unit group is finally a thing of the past.

available for iOS and Android, free of charge

App No3. Wunderlist (Now Microsoft To Do)

With Wunderlist you create clear to-do lists, share them with fellow students and even print them out. Everyone in the team inserts updates into a table or makes comments. With the help of hashtags, you can give your tasks a context. The app also has a reminder function so that no more appointments with appointments or lectures are missed. The app also helps you to keep an overview of tasks that involve leisure time, such as vacation planning or a semester abroad.

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available for iOS and Android,in tow versions Free and Pro

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App No4. Uniplans

With this app, you can manage seminars, study groups, grades, timetables and appointments at once. Uniplanar is a simple timetable that can be used to edit university courses quickly and clearly. The integrated task manager with notification function easily adds new tasks subject-specific and with a due date. Operation is extremely intuitive: simply tapping a course moves it to the foreground, double-tapping opens the editing mode. If necessary, you can schedule timetables respectively. Also send courses, because the app offers an integrated export function, among other things via email. 

available for iOS, free of charge

More time, less stress, Good time management requires a clear structure. The right apps can help you to reduce your workload and increase productivity.

App No5. Chaos Control

Stop the chaos: This time management app is based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done method (GTD). By consistently writing down everything like appointments and challenges, forgetting is avoided and stress is reduced. With Chaos Control you can create tasks, define goals and assign them to specific areas or projects.

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available for iOS and Android, free, Premium € 7.49 (Android), € 6.99 (iOS)

App No6. Rescue Time

Facebook, Instagram & Co. – especially with a high workload, the distraction (probably mostly through cat videos) is seductive in the digital world. Often you don’t even notice how much time you are lazing around until you realize in the evening what you have not done. To get rid of this inefficiency, you must first observe your internet behavior and identify unnecessary “time wasters”. Rescue Time supports you in this. The app analyzes which pages you are on and for how long. You can then set goals to stop long surfing and review your successes via a weekly email report.

available for Android, free, premium $ 9 per user per month

Goodbye to the paper jungle, because apps can also be a real help when it comes to managing important data and documents.

App No7. Paper Scan

PaperScan is an app for easy document scanning. Simply take pictures of your homework, seminar notes or important forms and the app will automatically crop and save them. You can then upload the documents to Dropbox, Google Drive or DocuWare and share them with others. The app is also completely free and contains no annoying advertising.

available for iOS and Android, free of charge

App No8. Hello PDF Editor

Hello PDF is an all-in-one PDF reader and PDF editor. With the app you can read, comment, sign, and share PDFs fill out PDF forms and synchronize them with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. So you can add notes to your seminar slides and even edit them with your fellow students at the same time.

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To finally lead a productive and balanced lifestyle, it is particularly important to say goodbye to annoying and negative habits. Apps can help you with this process and increase your performance in an inventive way.

App No9. Fabulous

“Embark on a journey to reset your habits,” promises Fabulous on his website. Based on scientific knowledge, the app designs a step-by-step program with so-called “challenges” that the user engages in. These challenges are accompanied by “letters” in which Fabulous provides useful background information. For example: Why are to-do lists useful? Why should you only do three tasks a day? A personalized address and nice graphics complement the app and make it a pleasant companion for everyday tasks.  

available for Android, free, in-app purchases

App No10. Habitica

Habitat is a to-do list and role-playing game in one! Under the motto “Gamify Your Tasks”, the app wants to encourage its users to develop habits and increase their productivity. In the beginning, you first create your avatar. According to the role-playing principle, the warrior is now equipped with a health and experience bar. If you complete your tasks, your character wins points, if you don’t follow your to-dos, your avatar has to pay for it. Virtual bonuses such as swords, mounts or the next level await you for completed tasks. So to see life as a game can pay off!

Available for iOS and Android, free, in-app purchases

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