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How To Achieve A Positive Mindset As An Actor Or In General Life

It is Important to Stay in a Positive Mindset as an Actor or normal person, Living in Hollywood allows me to have the incredible opportunity to meet all sorts of people, many who are actors of course. All actors face challenges, and one of these challenges involves the ability to constantly remain positive amidst the difficult nature of this business.

While difficult to maintain at times, it is extremely important to keep a positive mindset, because the alternative is to dwell on aspects of this career path that are frustrating and difficult. This can ultimately result in feeling discouraged or giving up entirely on your dream. (Never give up, friends!)

I spoke with a couple of actors recently and learned a lot from each of them. After speaking with my new actor friends and listening to their comments, I felt that it was important to share with you some of the topics which we discussed.

The first actor with whom I spoke was feeling very discouraged about his career. In fact, my actor friend was feeling so discouraged that he’s nearly given up on being an actor altogether. My new friend said that he has come to believe that “all actors are replaceable,” and therefore it is nearly impossible to book any acting jobs. There are just too many of us with the same goal. He also explained that “no one in the biz really cares about actors until they are well-established.”

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Listening to this actor speak about himself (and his peers) in this defeated manner was very difficult to hear. I could sense that he was hurting and had adopted an attitude and a negative mindset about this industry. His continued pessimism has only leaded to more feelings of pain and failure. It is very easy to fall into a pattern of negative thinking. It is imperative that we recognize when we’re thinking negatively, so that we can change the way we perceive .

Ways To Achieve Positive Mindset:


1- You’re NOT Replaceable

In the above example, this talented actor has accepted the idea that all actors are “replaceable.” But in actuality, you’re not “replaceable” at all. And the reason goes back to a key element that I aim to point out on my page often: There is only one of you.

2- Not everyone has positive mindset

It is true that there are many actors out there who could play a role, but there still isn’t going to be anyone who can portray a character the way that you can or replace your talent. It is our job as actors to believably portray characters to the best of our abilities.

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Essentially, by doing the best that you can do and bringing your uniqueness to your character, you’re making yourself irreplaceable.

You don’t have to do anything special in order to achieve this except by simply being in touch with who you are, being the best version of you that you can be, and by bringing as much of your individuality and confidence to your work.

3- Go and take control

Rather than taking away any sense of your own control by believing that you’re simply “replaceable,” or that everyone has the same goal as you do, aim to adopt a mindset that is more empowering.

For example, instead of thinking, “I am a replaceable actor,” change your thoughts about the situation to something like, “There is no one else out there who is quite like me, and my vision for my career is completely independent of anyone else’s.

I will have my opportunity to shine as an actor because I am unique, one of a kind, and I am ready for any opportunity that comes my way.” (Utilizing every opportunity that you are provided with will help you to succeed!)

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Happiness is a choice. Shifting your mindset into one that is more empowering will help you to stay much more positive in an industry that can be very tough. I often suggest reading authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, who provide insight and tips about how to shift your thinking to be more positive through meditation, for example.

4- Build your own mindset

Another actor echoed the frustration of my above-mentioned friend by explaining that he is tired of “trying to be who people in the business want him to be.” Again, the lesson here is to be you, and not try to be anyone other than who you are. When we are who we are, this industry (and life in general!) becomes much more enjoyable, because we aren’t so worried about what everyone else thinks!

5- Be your self!!

Be you! And enjoy the journey that you’re on as an actor. As acting coach Don Bloomfield explains in an interview for, “You cannot, and will not, ever please everybody. So you may as well do it to please yourself. There is nothing like joy and freedom of expression to make an actor’s inner light shine bright, and we all know how light attracts us all.”

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