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Life Fitness Lifecycle Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Considered the cream of the crop by cyclists of all fitness levels, you won’t find another recumbent exercise bike that can compete with the RS3 XX00 0105T Lifecycle exercise bike. It comes equipped with top of the line features including a wireless chest strap for more accurate heart rate monitoring, built-in workouts, a ton of resistance levels to choose from, and a simple step-through design that makes it easy for people with injuries and disabilities to dismount, this is a bike that’s designed to set the rider up for success.

Overview and Features

Let’s start with the recumbent bike seat. The large, heavily padded seat comes complete with a mesh backrest designed to improve air circulation, keeping the cyclist cool and dry. The seat itself is also highly adjustable and suitable for riders of all sizes.

The large user console is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, so you can use third-party apps, listen to music, and track your progress, quickly and easily.

The bike features both traditional front assist handlebars and side-mounted handlebars.

This model has been on the market for a few years, yet it still remains at the top of its class, mainly because it’s a commercial grade recumbent exercise bike that’s packed with all the right features to keep the rider engaged and on track with their fitness goals.

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Offering a total of twenty resistance levels, the cyclist will remain challenged during every workout, especially if they use one of the fourteen built-in workouts.

The bike also has a higher than average weight capacity of four hundred pounds, making it the perfect choice for larger cyclists.

Lower priced exercise bikes normally place the heart rate sensors close to the console, requiring the rider to reach up and grab them in order to get a reading, but this model places the sensors on the handlebars located on either side of the seat, which makes them easier and more comfortable to use during a high-intensity workout. The rider can also choose to use the chest strap heart rate monitor for a more accurate reading.

In terms of storage, LifeFitness has cleverly included a side-mounted accessory tray, which is placed directly next to the seat. Now you’ll have the perfect place to store your phone, remote, and water bottle, all of which are easily accessible.


  • Highly adjustable, the bike’s large seat can easily be moved backward and forward. Additionally, the lean angle of the seat is also adjustable.
  • The breathable mesh backrest will keep cyclists cool during an intense workout.
  • The bike’s ergonomic design keeps the feet, knees, and legs in proper alignment, working to reduce post-workout soreness and potential injury.
  • Unlike other models of recumbent exercise bikes in this price range, the Lifecycle uses self-generating power, so you won’t have to worry about running extension cords or placing it near an outlet. Instead, all the cyclist has to do is start pedaling and the console comes to life.
  • The large backlit console is easy to read and provides the rider with all of the workout feedback they need including workout program progress, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and length of the workout.
  • The fourteen built-in workouts allow the cyclist to choose a workout based on their current fitness level or weight loss goals.
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We found the design a bit plain. For the price we were also expecting some fun extras such as built-in speakers or an iPod docking station.

For some the price is a little steep, but when you consider the bike’s versatility, solid construction, number of resistance levels, and overall quality, we felt it was worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly model with a simplified user interface that’s very beginner friendly, you can check out the NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike, which is the top-rated model for seniors.

Conclusion and Rating

We gave the Lifecycle 3 a rating of five out of five star, which makes it the best recumbent bike on our site. While it may not come with a ton of bells and whistles, we felt that this bike is the perfect choice for the serious cyclist who’s searching for a challenging indoor cycling workout. It features a comfortable, breathable seat, an ergonomic design that helps to improve comfort and minimizes risk of injury, and it’s loaded with workout programs that will allow you to change up your routine.

This bike can provide a gym quality cycling workout, an ultra-comfortable riding experience, and the type of versatility the fitness enthusiast needs in order to see results. While the bike does fall flat when it comes to fancy extras, if you’re more interested in losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass, your search for the right recumbent exercise bike stops here.

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